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RoyOMartin Announces $30 Million Modernization of OSB Manufacturing Facility in Allen Parish, LA

Martco, LLC, parent company to timber sourcing and manufacturing leader RoyOMartin, has committed over $30 million to upgrade its oriented strand board (OSB) production facility in Allen Parish, Louisiana. This strategic investment signifies RoyOMartin's dedication to long-term growth and industry leadership. The Allen Parish OSB plant is a cornerstone of the local economy, employing a skilled workforce of 232 with an average annual salary of $75,000. The modernization project is expected to not only retain these valuable jobs but also generate nearly 600 additional indirect positions throughout the state, according to estimates from Louisiana Economic Development (LED). "RoyOMartin is a family-owned company with a rich history in Louisiana, spanning over a century," stated LED Secretary
Construction Machines & Vehicles

LiuGong Unveils Five New Electric Machines for European Market, Targets Top Ten Position by 2027

During a press event at Intermat in Paris, France, LiuGong, based in China, unveiled five new electric machines designed specifically for the European market, reinforcing its dedication to electric machinery and intelligent solutions. The latest offerings for Europe include the 9027 FE and 922 FE excavators, along with the wheeled loaders 820 TE, 856 HE, and 870 HE. Notably, LiuGong highlighted the impressive endurance of the 856 HE, capable of operating for 10-12 hours on a single charge. Howard Dale, chairman of LiuGong Europe, expressed ambitious goals, aiming for a position among the top ten construction equipment providers in Europe by 2027. LiuGong boasts a diverse portfolio of electric equipment, comprising 40 different models spanning excavators, wheeled loaders, skid steer

Mammoet joins ESTA workgroup to establish new stabilizing guidelines for SPMTs

Operation guidelines adopted by DNV, raising safety standards for complex equipment Mammoet has supported ESTA to establish new stability guidelines for Self-Propelled Modular Trailers (SPMTs) when transporting large and heavy loads. Leading the project at Mammoet is Ludo Mous, Director of Operations for Europe. With

Mammoet’s largest crane to tackle second Rotterdam project

The PTC210-DS ring crane will be used for major A-Frame upgrade of Van Oord heavy-lift installation vessel, Svanen One of the largest cranes in the world, the Mammoet PTC210-DS, will shortly undertake the lift of a huge A-Frame for the Van Oord-owned heavy lift installation vessel, Svanen. The colossal 210,000tm,
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C-Crete’s Basalt-Based Concrete Revolutionizes Construction

C-Crete Technologies, a frontrunner in developing sustainable construction materials, has achieved a significant milestone by unveiling the world’s inaugural concrete primarily derived from basalt. This breakthrough substantially enhances the company’s array of environmentally conscious building solutions. On March 14, C-Crete Technologies completed a landmark pour at 7200 Woodlawn in Seattle, installing a 20-ton slab-on-grade foundation for an outdoor loading dock stem wall and a partial ramp, utilizing basalt to entirely replace Portland cement. This endeavor at Hubbard’s Corner builds upon prior successful ventures, totaling approximately 140 tons of C-Crete’s revolutionary cement-free concrete, integrating various raw materials, including zeolite and basalt. Advantages and Composition

The Rise of LEGO-Type Bricks in the Industrial Landscape

A groundbreaking development is stirring up the construction industry, poised to revolutionize traditional building methods. Emerging as a potential successor to concrete and cement, a novel LEGO-type construction brick is making waves across the United States market. Crafted by Renco, this innovative material is
Digital Construction

TU Braunschweig's Digital Construction Site Pioneers Sustainable Industry 4.0 Innovations

TU Braunschweig is embarking on an ambitious endeavor to revolutionize the construction industry with its project titled "The Digital Construction Site – Construction Industry 4.0 as the Key to a Digital and Sustainable Construction Industry." Spearheaded by five professors, the initiative aims to explore the integration of digital production technologies into real construction site conditions, paving the way for a more efficient, sustainable, and technologically advanced construction sector. At the heart of this initiative lies a cutting-edge research infrastructure on Beethovenstraße, situated on the East Campus of TU Braunschweig. This infrastructure comprises various digitally controlled large-scale devices, including robotic units, a mobile robot, an automated concrete mixing plant,

Trudeau's $600 Million Initiative to Build Homes Faster and More Affordably

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has unveiled a substantial investment package exceeding $600 million aimed at revolutionizing the housing sector, making it more accessible and affordable for Canadians. With housing affordability posing a significant challenge across the country, particularly for young

Sony and Inertial Labs Forge Alliance for Lidar-Equipped Airpeak Drone

Inertial Labs and Sony have forged a powerful alliance aimed at revolutionizing the construction industry with an advanced Lidar system tailored specifically for Sony's Airpeak drone. This strategic collaboration is poised to elevate construction operations to new heights by leveraging cutting-edge technology to

Erosion Control Challenges Addressed by Geocell Technology

Erosion control is a persistent challenge in environmental engineering, particularly in areas where construction and landscaping activities disrupt the natural terrain. One innovative solution that has gained traction in recent years is geocell technology. Geocells are three-dimensional structures, resembling honeycombs, typically constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or similar geosynthetic materials. Their primary function is to stabilize soil and prevent erosion by confining and reinforcing the soil within their cellular network. This technology has proven especially effective in areas where slopes are prone to erosion due to factors such as water runoff or wind. Case Study 1: Erosion Control at Shelton Gardens Apartment Complex, Cincinnati, Ohio Shelton Gardens, an

Zero emission heavy lifting on site: building a sustainable future

How Mammoet is innovating with zero-emission lifting and transport on site to help its customers reduce the carbon footprint of projects “If you ask me what my main vision is, I want us to redefine the construction site - at least at small scale initially - where we have electric or hydrogen cars, electric cranes,
Security & Fire Protection

Introducing Sensera Systems' Integrated Site Security

Sensera Systems has launched a holistic site security solution, integrating the compact solar-powered SiteWatch Pro3 camera, the newly released TalkDown deterrence kit, and professional monitoring services enabled through Sensera’s SiteCloud software. This comprehensive offering ensures thorough jobsite security coverage, meeting various project risk compliance standards. "Construction costs are on the rise, necessitating the protection of tools, materials, and equipment on worksites," noted Robert Garber, CEO of Sensera Systems. "General contractors and project managers require sophisticated jobsite intelligence to fulfill builder risk insurance prerequisites and reassure clients. Sensera Systems' eco-friendly solution, coupled with our cloud-based technology, equips contractors with the

Dedicated IR Sensor Ensures Stable and Reliable Methane Detection Measurements

Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection is introducing a new infrared (IR) sensor for its class-leading OLCT 100 XPIR (explosion-proof IR) fixed gas detector that will bring the advantages of stable and reliable methane detection measurements to the industrial, utility and laboratory markets. Methane poses many threats. Not
Product Focus

Komatsu's GD955-7: Powerful Efficiency for Heavy Haul Roads

The GD955-7 provides operators with the control and precision required for constructing and maintaining haul roads catering to truck fleets of 100 tons and above, making it a valuable addition to Komatsu's motor grader lineup. Distinguished by its substantial horsepower and robust blade downforce pressure, this new machine ensures efficient grading performance. Engineered by Komatsu for enhanced grading efficiency and reduced maintenance needs, the GD955-7 boasts faster working travel speeds compared to its predecessor. Key Specifications: Horsepower: 426 HP @ 1900 rpm (313 kW @ 1900 rpm). Operating weight: 104,323 lb. (47,320 kg). Mouldboard: 18-ft (5.5 m) standard, with an optional 20-ft (6.1 m) mouldboard. Despite its considerable size, the GD955-7 exhibits excellent maneuverability,
Country Reports

Dubai Unveils Ambitious $35 Billion Airport Expansion Plan to Cement Global Aviation Dominance

Dubai has embarked on a monumental project with the initiation of a $35 billion expansion of its airport terminal, aiming to establish the world's largest capacity upon completion. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai’s Prime Minister and Vice President, unveiled plans for the new terminal, projected to be five times the size of the existing Dubai International Airport, accommodating up to 260 million passengers annually. Sheikh Mohammed affirmed that all operations at Dubai International Airport would gradually transition to the newer Al Maktoum International Airport in the coming years. Emphasizing the broader vision, he highlighted the creation of an entire city around the airport in Dubai South, anticipating a surge in demand for housing and attracting leading companies in

Trelleborg Tires Showcases Latest Innovations To Increase Builders’ Productivity

Trelleborg to showcase latest tire innovations at Intermat Construction Fair, Paris, France, April 24-27 in Hall 5A – Booth #J148 New tire technologies delivering 20% more cut-resistant compounds, better stability and extra support for specific applications, helping builders enhance productivity In the dynamic landscape of construction industry, the demand for cutting-edge tire solutions is paramount. Trelleborg tires recognizes the evolving challenges faced by builders in optimizing operations, reducing fuel consumption, enhancing safety and comfort for operators, and advancing sustainability. At Intermat Paris 2024 this April in France, Trelleborg tires will bring its latest tire innovations tailored to address these industry challenges. Catering specifically to the needs of construction



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