Security & Fire Protection - Security Systems

Smart construction site camera systems. Secure your site with confidence.

June 2022

Security & Fire Protection - Security Systems

Smart construction site camera systems. Secure your site with confidence.

June 2022

Protect your profitability with wireless solar security camera solutions that let you monitor and record activity on your building sites from anywhere, and actively deter crime too.

Securing and managing your construction site has never been simpler.

Whether it is driving productivity through eyes, senses, and remote communications with sites, stopping theft, trespass and vandalism or improving safety through smart warning, mustering, and sensing technologies, Spectur’s industrial security systems can help. We provide organizations with the option to buy, lease or hire the right security system for them, from cutting-edge industrial 4G remote monitoring cameras to solar-powered commercial security cameras.

Why is it important to have construction site security cameras?

  • Reducing Theft

Construction sites are full of materials and equipment required to complete projects on time and on budget. As job sites often contain expensive items such as heavy equipment and tools, they can often experience theft, whether from trespassers on your building sites, or your own construction workers. The right security cameras in place will prevent theft that may cost your business many thousands of dollars in lost material as well as delays to project completion.

  • Eliminating Property Damage

In most cases, vandalism is committed with no targeted intent. With the use of security cameras, it creates an environment that promotes site security - where instances of vandalism will be captured through recorded footage for the purpose of perpetrator identification and prevention.

Our range of construction surveillance systems are made for monitoring and preventing on-site vandalism. When damage happens across a building site, security cameras are one of the best tools to help identify those responsible.

  • Preventing Trespassing

Building site security cameras have proven incredibly valuable in deterring trespassing. An unguarded job site at nighttime runs the risk of harboring criminals and squatters. Thankfully, the construction industry can rely on our range of construction site security cameras to stop vandalism, theft, and even dumping in skip bins during different stages of a project on your job site.

Our AI-based technology uses motion detection to identify would-be trespassers attempting to access your site. A combination of visual and spoken alarms scare off trespassers, serving to reduce theft or avert any potential vandalism. Should trespassers persist, our cloud-based systems will capture live view video footage and can send push notifications straight to your computer or smart phone, while alerting police.


Consider a Spectur solution for your construction site CCTV monitoring

Secure and protect your construction investments with Spectur solar-powered security cameras. Don’t discover too late that you have been the victim of theft or vandalism – repairing and replacing equipment or building materials can be costly in terms of expense and delays.

“Spectur’s solar security system is as easy to use as it is to setup. We have not had any incidents occur while Spectur’s system has been installed. A bonus is the timelapse and live view features which allow us to keep images of our build and keep an eye on our sites when we cannot be there. “


Secure your site with Spectur’s security camera solutions

  • STA6 Security Camera System

STA6 is the leading choice for high quality multi-camera images and detection. The camera system addresses a number of challenges for construction companies and engineers, including safety management, security, active deterrence and sensing requirements. It features up to 4 ultra-low light 4K optical or thermal cameras with the potential for full 360-degree vision. These platforms also come with two-way audio capability for live conversations with site, and GPS tracking for system identification.

  • HD5 Security Camera System

The HD5 is suitable for construction companies seeking a cost-effective single camera solution, for closer range security and surveillance applications. It includes a full-colour HD camera, cloud-based AI and built-in 3G/4G modem, together with an onboard speaker and light for active deterrence. The HD5 is simple to install, available to hire or buy and can be mounted onto a mobile trailer base to be moved from site to site.

  • SWC5​

The SWC5 platform offers a 12MP 4K camera system with warning equipment built right in. When triggered by sensor or AI software, it can emit a loud and bright warning via its loudspeaker and flashing lights. Enable two-way communication with the VoIP phone and add an optional LED screen for written messages. Construction companies can use the SWC5 to implement sophisticated mustering, safety, or warning systems onsite. When equipped with the LED screen, the SWC5 can be a tremendous tool for advising onsite parties of daily activities, provide contact numbers or other dynamic messaging.


Remote monitoring

When events occur, security providers can remotely access live or pre-recorded data independently and remotely in real time. Spectur provide the technology and security providers supply the rest. To validate their presence on site when on patrol, security guards can move within the detection zone of the camera systems. Security companies can offer their end customers login details, allowing them to take advantage of surveillance or time-lapse capabilities when the systems are not being used for security applications.


Remote security cameras that actively and autonomously deter crime, without needing someone on site.

Set up remote site surveillance quickly and easily to minimize trespass, theft, vandalism, accidents, and illegal dumping.

Spectur’s remote site security cameras can be tailored for simple or complex utility applications to suit telecommunications, water, power, gas and other infrastructure needs.