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LSU CM Faculty Continue Studies On Bendable Concrete

According to research reports, concrete is the second-most used substance in the world (after water) and is the most widely used building material. Its usage worldwide is twice that of steel, wood, plastics, and aluminum combined. However, the susceptibility of concrete to cracking proves to be a major challenge since it results in the early deterioration of concrete structures.

British Steel Seeks £500m Support Package

British Steel’s owner has asked the UK government for a £500m cash injection to keep its furnaces in Lincolnshire burning. Chinese firm Jingye, which bought British Steel out of administration in 2020, said the cash would ensure its Scunthorpe furnaces remain viable, according to the Financial Times. It has asked for
Construction Machines & Vehicles

Dynapac to Roll Out Electric Tandem Asphalt Compactors to U.S. Market

Dynapac introduced the world’s first emissions-free battery-powered asphalt compactor more than a decade ago, and now the company is ready to bring two electric tandem-drum vibratory compactor models to market next year, including in the United States. The prototype machine that was nominated for an Innovation Award at the 2012 Intermat show in France didn’t gain much traction in the industry and not much press either. “Obviously the market wasn't ready for it at that time,” says Nino Katadzic, Dynapac project manager for electrification. “It was just a prototype and didn't go any further.” But a lot has changed in the industry and the world since 2012, as climate-change concerns and advancements in battery technology are making zero-emission cars, trucks and, gradually, construction

What is a Hybrid Base Construction for Paving Stone Installation?

What is a hybrid base construction? A standard paver base consists of compacted gravel in the base layer and concrete sand in the bedding layer. On the other hand, a permeable paver base uses a deeper porous drainage stone and installation methods for the bottom and ¼-10” as the bedding layer. A hybrid base, which

Sany's new tower crane has liftoff

Chinese machinery giant Sany Group launched its new-generation tower crane, part of the group's latest efforts to enhance its competitive advantage in the field. Tower cranes are one of three main pillars of the heavy lifting division, along with truck cranes and crawler cranes. Tower cranes work high above the ground,
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What are the Different Types of Brick Construction?

Brick construction is one of the longest-lasting and most secure ways to create a structure. There are many kinds of construction using bricks and many different products that can be created. Over the centuries, there have been many construction techniques created that facilitate many different structures, such as homes, fireplaces, walls and simple walkways or patios. Among the types of brick construction techniques are the Flemish bond, the stretcher bond, the thick header bond, the rat-trap bond, the herringbone bond and the rotating basket weave bond. By far, the most common type of brick construction is the creation of walled structures. No matter whether the structure itself is a property-dividing wall or an entire mansion constructed of bricks, much thought and effort go into each

Different types of traditional and modern stone facades and cladding

Stone building facades add masses of aesthetic appeal to an otherwise normal-looking building. But aesthetics is just one benefit among a list of functional improvements that stone facades and cladding can offer, such as protecting a building from the elements and improving its resistance to temperate (both hot and
Digital Construction

Trimble Ventures Invests in Civ Robotics

Trimble's (NASDAQ: TRMB) corporate venture capital fund, announced today its investment in Civ Robotics, a San Francisco-based construction tech startup focusing on transforming surveying layout for civil engineering and infrastructure projects. This investment supports Trimble Ventures' mission to invest in early and growth-stage companies that are accelerating innovation, digital transformation and sustainability in the industries Trimble serves—such as agriculture, construction, geospatial and transportation. The investment terms were not disclosed. The construction industry faces a variety of challenges including shortage of skilled workers, safety and productivity. Civ Robotics addresses these challenges with CivDot, a new autonomous surveying solution that empowers efficiency,

How Internet Of Things (IoT) Is Changing The Construction Industry

Recently, the term “IoT” in the building and construction industry has gained popularity and so has its application. In layman’s words, this is simply the use of technological equipment or the “Internet of Things” and modern-day internet software. As a result efficacy of building and construction projects has been

4 promising digital technologies for circular construction

To ensure there will be enough housing available for a growing population by 2060, recent studies suggest that we need to construct the equivalent of the building space of New York City every month for the next 40 years. Not only is the size of this project a tremendous challenge, but so is the ecological footprint of

Building With Recycled Materials

Some 220 million tons of construction waste accumulates every year in Germany – recycling ensures that new buildings can be constructed with this material. Living in a recycling house Germany’s first recycling house was built in Hanover in 2019. The architects came up with creative solutions to reuse as many materials as possible. Radiators, stairs and several walls consist of sauna benches. The façade insulation is made of recycled jute sacks for cocoa beans. And the windows came from a former youth club. The project planning took three years. The main reason for this was the time-consuming search for recyclable building materials and firms that were able to install the recycled material. Although this is why the recycling house was not produced in series, it nevertheless sets an example

Vistry to buy rival Countryside for £1.24bn

Vistry has announced plans to buy partnership housing rival Countryside in a cash and share deal worth £1.25bn. The deal will create one of the country’s leading home builders with revenue of over £3bn. The combined business will comprise a top tier house builder and a leading partnerships business, with capability
Security & Fire Protection

Application of Security Robots – Current State and Future Potential

What are Security Robots? In the simplest terms, security robots are any physical or software robots that can guard and provide security to assets. In general terms, there are two main types of security robots – virtual and physical. Physical robots are what you would traditionally imagine security robots to be. They are equipped with all sorts of surveillance equipment and can cover a large area on wheels. Virtual security is quite another matter. Virtual robots are essentially AI algorithms that can identify and protect your data and devices against malware. Although not conventional robotics, virtual security robots can be invaluable to large corporations that run on collected data, as well as to everyday people who wish to protect themselves from fraud. Of course, not all security

6 Different Types of Windows Used in Buildings

The most common materials used to build windows are timber, steel and aluminium. But, steel may be damaged by chemical reactions with time, while timber may be attacked by termites, but aluminium window frames are mostly durable and does not have any defects and are widely used these days, but the price is compared to

Thermal imaging technology detects fires and saves lives and assets

If you own or manage a business, you know how devastating a fire can be. Not only do fires reduce profits by damaging property and equipment as well as increasing downtime, but they are a serious safety risk for you and your employees. And while not all fires are entirely preventable, there are many steps you can take
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The Best Roof Underlayments Of 2022

From the ground, a roof looks like a simple set of inclined planes meant to shed water. However, roofs are actually complex systems of shingles, plywood, different types of flashing, membranes, vents, sealant, and more. Underneath it all sits one of the most important components of the system: the roofing underlayment. Roofing underlayment serves many purposes. It protects the plywood decking from the elements, helping shed moisture and prevent leaks while also maintaining a barrier between the roofing material and decking. This guide will explain how to choose and what to look for in the best roof underlayments. Types of Roof Underlayments There are essentially three types of roof underlayments: felt, rubberized, and synthetic. Each has its pros and cons, and there are certain situations

BKT Recycling Tires

The BKT Skid Max SR-Skidder tire enables the carrying heavy loads while maintaining stability in recycling environments. It is available now two sizes, including the recently introduced 300/70 R 16.5. An all-steel structure with steel belts provides greater resistance to the carcass and therefore to impacts, the
Country Reports

Bahrain To Invest $312mn Into New Education Facilities By 2030

All of the 42 projects will be environmental-friendly and specifications are already in place said the country’s Education Minister 18 new schools and 24 academic buildings for students will be built across Bahrain’s four governorates by 2030. The project is estimated to cost approximately US $312mn. Education Minister Dr Majid Al Nuaimi revealed that designs for the new environmental-friendly educational complexes have been completed in co-ordination with the Works Ministry, according to a report by Gulf Daily News. “The new schools will cover new areas and will increase existing school capacity. All of the 42 projects will be environmental-friendly and specifications are already in place. They include plans for natural lighting and new technologies for energy-saving lights and

Argentina Construction Industry

The construction industry in Argentina is expected to register an annual growth of 3.2% in real terms in 2022, following an estimated annual growth of 30.8% in 2021. The sector's output in 2022 will be supported by the government's commitment to continue public works. The industry is expected to register an annual

Galway-Based Consortium Aims to Build Better Construction Sector in Ireland

Enterprise Ireland has chosen Galway as the location for its ninth technology centre, Construct Innovate, which is looking to overhaul Ireland’s construction sector. Enterprise Ireland’s newest technology centre has officially opened today (9 December) at University of Galway. The planned opening of Construct Innovate,

The Big 5 Saudi Announces Move To Riyadh For 2021 Edition

dmg events, organisers of The Big 5 Saudi, have announced that the leading construction event will move to Riyadh in 2021. Now in the capital, the event can effectively drive vital business connections and Vision 2030 objectives, while supporting recovery efforts following COVID-19. Ben Greenish, Senior Vice President



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