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First nuclear fusion plant to be built in Nottinghamshire

West Burton power station site in Nottinghamshire has been selected as the home for the UK’s prototype fusion energy plant. The government said that the West Burton coal power station site has been selected as the home for the STEP – Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production – project. The prototype fusion energy plant is expected to cost upwards of £2bn and could be operational by 2040. Fusion is based on the same physical reactions that power the sun and stars, combining two hydrogen atoms to release large amounts of energy. The UK Atomic Energy Authority will invite tenders in December for construction and engineering partner roles on the prototype fusion energy plant. This appointed team will then work collaboratively with UKAEA, under joint incentivisation mechanisms. These partners

What Is the Best Window for New Construction?

Building a new home comes with many challenges and even more demands. However, you don’t have to get overwhelmed and make hasty decisions. You need to pay attention to every detail and take the time to choose each item. Windows are no different. Windows are an essential element of a house, being a major factor in
Construction Machines & Vehicles

Sany's new tower crane has liftoff

Chinese machinery giant Sany Group launched its new-generation tower crane, part of the group's latest efforts to enhance its competitive advantage in the field. Tower cranes are one of three main pillars of the heavy lifting division, along with truck cranes and crawler cranes. Tower cranes work high above the ground, and the advancement of tower cranes reflects the development level of a country's crane industry. According to Sany, the new-generation tower crane features 15 patented technologies and has undergone upgrades in safety, convenience, comfort and intelligence. Aerial work can be controlled on the ground, and artificial intelligence automatically sets up an operation network to delineate the safe range of tower crane operations and prevent collisions. Administrators can also

When is it time to upgrade to a trencher for large-diameter installation work?

A trencher is a more efficient and productive solution on some projects and in certain ground conditions. We’re not talking about a pedestrian trencher, or a utility trencher used more for installing fiber, cable, irrigation, and electrical lines. Large diameter takes a large trencher on tracks with carbide teeth
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Fireproof wood? Scientists develop invisible coating that could revolutionize construction industry

Wood is one of the most common building materials, but it obviously has its weaknesses — namely fire. Now, however, a team in Singapore says they have created an invisible coating which can prevent wood from burning. Researchers from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore say their invention allows for the “natural beauty” of wood to shine through and only activates through exposure to flames — keeping it fireproof. Current fireproofing methods involve using fire-retardant panels (like gypsum or magnesia boards) or treating the wood with thick mixtures that conceal the natural wood grain. Moreover, the new coating is just 0.075 millimeters thick and transparent, making it invisible to the naked eye. When hot flames heat the protective coating, a series of complex chemical reactions

Glass solutions for the changes to Part L Regulation

Phil Brown, European regulatory marketing manager at Pilkington, part of the NSG Group, discusses changes to the Part L regulation, the use of triple glazing to meet U-value requirements, and other ways of addressing the regulatory changes through glass and glazing decisions
Digital Construction

4 promising digital technologies for circular construction

To ensure there will be enough housing available for a growing population by 2060, recent studies suggest that we need to construct the equivalent of the building space of New York City every month for the next 40 years. Not only is the size of this project a tremendous challenge, but so is the ecological footprint of the building sector. Currently, it accounts for about 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Linear economy principles, for one, generate huge amounts of waste all along the life cycle of building materials. We extract resources from the earth, produce construction materials, apply them in building projects, and dispose of them at the end of their useful life. However, this has not always been the case. Up until a hundred years ago, the reuse of building materials was

Deploying AR In Construction To Achieve Operational Excellence

The construction sector in the United States builds structures worth around $1.3 trillion every year and employs over 7 million laborers. But due to its complex and fragmented nature, the industry faces several challenges in communication, design and project management. There can be some complications in the design of

Japan-based construction tech company Log Build chooses Vonage to enhance customer experience

Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation, is enabling Japan-based construction tech company Log Build to seamlessly engage with its customers via high-quality live video calls that encourage collaboration on operations and services to enhance the customer experience. Log Build was founded with the aim of bringing to the world a service that enables truly necessary remote construction management. By integrating the Vonage Video API directly into the Log Build software, the company is able to connect with carpenters and other tradespeople via highly reliable, interactive live video calls, enabling them to reduce the time and expense associated with physical travel to the site. Log Build has established new forms of remote site

3 areas sustainable construction can help build a greener future

The construction sector is responsible for 37% of total global energy-related CO2 emissions, 69% of those emissions come from operating and using existing buildings. The trend towards sustainable construction is overall positive but the sector still needs to evolve in how it addresses global warming, biodiversity loss
Security & Fire Protection

Thermal imaging technology detects fires and saves lives and assets

If you own or manage a business, you know how devastating a fire can be. Not only do fires reduce profits by damaging property and equipment as well as increasing downtime, but they are a serious safety risk for you and your employees. And while not all fires are entirely preventable, there are many steps you can take to increase your chances of preventing fires and reacting quickly when one does occur. Fire detection systems serve a simple purpose to spot fires early enough to allow for safe evacuation of personnel and, if possible, for a quick response to put the fire out. With the right fire detection system, the human and equipment costs due to damage can be significantly reduced. Electronic detection systems most commonly work with alarms to immediately notify those in the vicinity or

Global Residential Security Market

Product Overview Residential home security systems are the selling of smart home security equipment and related services. It is possible to connect smart home security devices to Wi-Fi and access them from anywhere using a smartphone, smartwatch, or voice. Devices such as smart alarms, smart cameras, smart locks, smart

What Is the Importance of Fire Protection Systems In High Rise Buildings?

It is a proven fact that fire sprinkler systems are very important when it comes to fighting fires. They are actually so effective that death and property loss is 65% less in a building with fire sprinkler systems. Their effectiveness is one of the many reasons why we should have fire sprinklers in all commercial
Product Focus

BKT Recycling Tires

The BKT Skid Max SR-Skidder tire enables the carrying heavy loads while maintaining stability in recycling environments. It is available now two sizes, including the recently introduced 300/70 R 16.5. An all-steel structure with steel belts provides greater resistance to the carcass and therefore to impacts, the company says. The thick sidewall contributes to minimize the risk of punctures and accidental damage. In addition, the rim guard prevents any punctures and shocks that might damage the area around the rim. The wide tread has been designed with a continuous central lug and is made of a special anti-static and extremely abrasion-resistant tread compound to ensure traction and service life. The BK-Loader 53 is now available in the 405/70 R 18 size in addition to the existing size,

Manitowoc MLC250 Crawler Crane

Manitowoc MLC250 lattice boom crawler crane replaces the 999 in the 275-ton class. Updates include a switch to open-loop hydraulics from the closed-loop system on the 999. Every main function (aside from swing) is powered by the same two main pumps, reducing parasitic load. The engine remains the same, the Cummins
Country Reports

Three Egyptian Giant Construction Companies Win 2022 ENR Best Global Project Awards

Three Egyptian giant construction companies won five awards in the 2022 Global Best Projects Juried Competition organised by Engineering News-Record magazine (ENR), a leading global industry publication. ENR is an American magazine specialised in covering news and performing professional analysis on construction projects in the world, making it one of the most trusted periodicals in the construction industry. The magazine prepares an annual classification about the largest companies of contracting, engineering designs, and major construction projects in the United States as well as around the world. Minister of Housing Assem El-Gazzar praised the announcement, asserting that the Egyptian companies’ winning of such international awards reflects the country's success in implementing giant

High Energy Prices Push UK Construction Industry to The Brink

The number of UK construction companies at significant risk of closure has jumped 54 percent to 16,755 this quarter, up from 10,686, according to fresh data shared with City A.M. this morning. Construction companies are struggling to cope with spiraling construction costs, inflation and rising interest rates on their

Construction Waste is Costly: What's Causing it on South African Building Sites

The construction industry contributes significantly to a country's economy through infrastructure development. The industry has expanded rapidly worldwide and further growth is expected. This has contributed to a great deal more construction waste being generated – which has been identified as one of the core problems

The Big 5 Saudi Announces Move To Riyadh For 2021 Edition

dmg events, organisers of The Big 5 Saudi, have announced that the leading construction event will move to Riyadh in 2021. Now in the capital, the event can effectively drive vital business connections and Vision 2030 objectives, while supporting recovery efforts following COVID-19. Ben Greenish, Senior Vice President



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