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Brilliant Solutions for Your Construction Site

If you think of construction work as easy, let us tell you that you are wrong. At almost any stage of the job, difficulties can arise. And every problem must be solved quickly and without incurring additional expenses. Everyone solves difficulties in their own way, either with the machinery they already own or by adopting new processes that not only solve their problems but allows them to generate revenue. “Sometimes, however, customers surprise us,” MB Crusher says. “In a truly brilliant way, they solve problematic situations using our machinery in a way we would have never thought.” Demolish not destroy: The grapple with a delicate touch On a construction site in Japan, it was necessary to demolish a wooden house without destroying or ruining the material. Traditional three-tooth claw

Hazardous area motor repair adheres to explosive environment standards

IEC 60079 is a series of explosive atmosphere standards for hazardous area applications. Section 19 details instructions on how equipment for these environments can be repaired and modified. The standard requires the equipment to be conformant with the original manufacturer’s specification. This repair was intended to
Construction Machines & Vehicles

Cranes: Technologies and Global Markets

The global construction industry has witnessed numerous ebbs and flows over the past decade. These uncertainties have had a resounding effect on the construction equipment and material lifting market, of which cranes are one of the most integral parts. For the purposes of this report, cranes have been classified into three major types: mobile cranes, marine and port cranes, and fixed cranes.

Energy Farms Boost Crane Market

The ongoing demand for construction of smart cities across geographies and various mega construction particularly in developing countries will rise demand for the cranes, observed by Future Market Insights. Increasing investments made by governments as well as private sector companies in infrastructure development
Building Products & Equipment

Interior Architectural Coatings Market to Register A Burgeoning Growth

Interior architecture includes technically and scientifically managing the interior space of a building while considering several construction aspects, such as finishes, plumbing, lighting, materials, electrical requirements, and smart use of the available space. Architectural coatings typically consist of organic finishes, which are used for beautifying and protecting the interior surfaces of the building. At the time of selection, consumers look for various aesthetic and performance properties and characteristics, including hiding power, ease of application, flow and leveling, low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, user protection from toxins, stain resistance, environment friendliness, and low odor. Presently, there are different types of coatings available in the market, which

Best Practices for Marble and Granite Protection

Marble and granite have been used for thousands of years in both interior and exterior applications. Their unique aspect and distinct shades make them choice material for prestigious architectural projects and they are extremely popular in the Middle East region. Both natural stones are significantly more expensive

Striking Numbers: LED Lighting Market Will Double in 2022

LED is a semiconductor device that emits visible light when an electric current passes through it. The light is not mostly bright, but in most LEDs it is monochromatic occurring at a single wavelength. Indeed, LED lighting share and growth will double in 2022, according to a report by Zion Market Research. The market
Digital Construction Techs

A First 4 Steps to Industry 4.0 Success

Against the backdrop of an increasingly uncertain global economy, one area of consistent investment has been digital transformation. Within manufacturing, that means the ongoing evolution towards Industry 4.0. The rationale is simple enough. Manufacturers that are willing to embrace Industry 4.0 connectivity and modern automation opportunities stand to see significant improvements in productivity—not only on the shop floor, but also across the enterprise. Another reason that these programs are still being developed is because they can engender a great deal of confidence amidst volatile markets. Industry 4.0 improvements are all very tangible and quickly identified and measured. According to a joint survey on smart factories from PwC and the Manufacturing Institute, productivity gains,
Security & Fire Protection

Security & Fire Protection in Factories

Fire Protection is the study of alleviating the unwanted effects of fire and its potentially destructive hazards. The design of buildings and infrastructures, provision of isolating fires, firewalls and doors, use of fire resistant materials in construction, fire detectors, fire alarms, and automatic fire sprinklers are all a part of fire protection system. Moreover, fire protection is an everyday action. The fire regulations must be implemented in factories, public places, and transportation and living areas. Some examples of fire protection systems are post indicator alarms, tamper switches, water flow alarms and evacuation alarms are examples of fire protection systems. Fire extinguishers carry high weightage in fire protection systems.
Real Estate

UAE Economic Stimulus Package to Offset Impact Of COVID-19, Good for Real Estate Sector

The recent announcements by the UAE Central Bank, introducing packages aimed at stimulating the economy, will benefit the real estate sector significantly, according to Abdulla bin Sulayem, CEO of UAE-headquartered upscale residential, hospitality and commercial property development company, Seven Tides. In total, the central bank has now pledged USD70 billion to stimulate the economy and mitigate the economic impact that the COVID-19 outbreak is having on the UAE. However, in its most recent move, the central bank has also reduced the reserve requirements for demand deposits for UAE banks, by half, from 14 percent to just 7 percent, which will pump an additional USD16 billion into the financial system, improving liquidity and underpinning the banks’ ability to extend their lending further

Industrialization Fuels the Construction Expenditures in China

China has massive construction plans underway, including making provision for the movement of 250 million people to its megacities in the next ten years, despite efforts to rebalance its economy to a more service-oriented base. Domestic consumer spending is growing, shifting dependence away from the export sector, according to a report by Turner and Townsend. The yuan fell 6 percent against the US dollar, helping to make exports cheaper and helping Beijing to meet its goal of slowing down the outflow of capital by making overseas purchases more expensive. Construction market and trends Residential construction played a large part in the country meeting its GDP targets in 2016, and price growth of close to 25 percent in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen since 2015 attracted high levels of

Governmental Contributions to Leverage Germany's Constructions

Construction activity in Germany was weak during the review period (2011-2015), due to the negative impact of the Eurozone crisis on the country's economy. According to Ken Research, this resulted in poor investor confidence, which in turn reduced infrastructure construction activities in the country. The industry's

IFAT 2020 to be canceled

The COVID-19 pandemic has a massive impact—also on the global environmental technology industry. In consultation with the Executive Board of the Exhibitors’ Advisory Board and the conceptual partners of IFAT, Messe München conducted a survey among the IFAT exhibitors, revealing that most respondents are against holding IFAT from September 7 to 11, 2020. Hence, IFAT at the planned time would be unacceptable—not only for Messe München but also for the trade fair participants. In addition, according to the latest announcements, major events must not be held until the end of August 2020. In order to provide all customers a reliable basis for planning and in close consultation with the Executive Board of the Exhibitors' Advisory Council, IFAT is canceled. “A safe and successful IFAT 2020 for

Breaking Ground for Kurdistan’s Future

With a strong focus on diversifying the economy and redeveloping infrastructure, the Kurdistan Regional Government is on a mission to create the right regulatory framework to encourage foreign and domestic investors, make it easier to do business in Kurdistan, and invest in infrastructure across the region.Kurdistan