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Window Rolling Shutter

January 2022

Building Equipment & Products - Doors & Windows

Window Rolling Shutter

January 2022

Roller shutter systems (also called roller shutters) are installed in window and door openings to protect premises from break-in and intrusion, sun, wind, rain, noise, etc. Aluminum roller shutters are resistant to corrosion, precipitation exposure. They are strong, reliable and environmentally friendly. Primary structural component of roller shutter is the curtain consisting of aluminum roll-formed or extruded profiles.


Break-in protection

Home, office or shop security is the main task that roller shutters successfully fulfil. In your absence roller shutter system can effectively protect your property.

Sun protection

Comfortable chill during hot days, protection of curtains, furniture and carpeted floors again fading under the influence of sun rays.

Water Protection

Reliable protection of the window against atmospheric effects (rain, snow, hail, window blows). Torn branches and any other objects taken up with a strong wind will not damage windows or doors.

Energy saving

When the curtain is rolled down there is the air gap between the roller shutter and the window acts like a thermos, i.e. roller shutters help to create optimal temperature in the house: they preserve chill during hot days, and heat during cold ones. This contributes up to 20% of saving.

Noise protection

Reduction of noise levels in the room for a more comfortable work or leisure due to usage of aluminum profess with foam insulation.

Protection against stranger peeping

A chance to enjoy privacy in your own house or apartment. Your privacy is under excellent protentional, it is especially relevant for the first floor.


Residential Sectional Doors

A sectional garage door is the most popular and practical garage door nowadays, of which the panel is split into sections horizontally.

Sectional garage doors are mainly power by electric opener, which can be remotely operated and in emergency cases – switched into manual controlling model. This type of garage opens by rising vertically, door sliding in tracks which then curve and then travel horizontally into the garage to leave the whole door resisting parallel with the ceiling usually higher up than the door ordering height.

Why to use Sectional Garage Door?

Space saver Thanks for the unique structure of sectional garage door, the space is front and top of garage can be full used, which makes the whole system demand the minimum space of garage.

Home securer

Relying on the excellent panel constructional and electric opener system (as well as in condition of manual controlling model), a sectional garage door become the best choice for garage securing of all the garage door types, which can be barley entered by force without special tools or loud noise.

Unconfutable external environment insulator

With insulted type, the combination of sandwich panel (steel + PU form + steel) and sides weather resistant seals makes the section garage door a strong barrier, that keeps the wind, rain, dust as well as extreme climate temperature out of the garage.

Safe keeper

Sectional garage door is powered by European electric opener with high quality and safety standard, functional safely, stably and smoothly. With the ultra-sensitive automatic reversing mechanism of opener, family members and property can be surely protected from hurting and damaging caused by door falling.