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HD Hyundai Unveils New A-Series Mini Excavators with Enhanced Performance, Operator Comfort, and Serviceability

May 2024

Construction Machines & Vehicles - Excavators & Dredgers

HD Hyundai Unveils New A-Series Mini Excavators with Enhanced Performance, Operator Comfort, and Serviceability

May 2024

HD Hyundai Construction Equipment (HD Hyundai CE Europe) has introduced a comprehensive range of 11 compact excavators, the A-Series, designed to deliver superior performance, operator comfort, and serviceability.

Award-Winning Design and Eco-Friendly Performance

The A-Series boasts the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for its distinctive "Tiger Eye" design language. This recognition highlights not only the excavators' aesthetics but also their emphasis on eco-friendly features. All models are equipped with EU Stage V compliant diesel engines, ensuring reduced exhaust emissions and improved fuel efficiency.

Enhanced Hydraulic Capabilities for Optimized Productivity

Models above the HX40A incorporate a load-sensing hydraulic system with a variable displacement pump. This advanced system contributes to smoother operation, faster response times, and enables load-independent movement of hydraulic functions. This translates to increased efficiency and productivity for operators performing multitasking operations.

Peace of Mind Through Advanced Safety Features

The A-Series prioritizes operator safety with features like safety valves on the main boom, dipper arm, and dozer blade hydraulic cylinders. Additionally, quick-coupler piping is available as an option for enhanced safety during attachment changes.

For improved stability during demanding digging and lifting tasks, the HX10A and HX19A models come with an extendable undercarriage and dozer blade. Angled blades are offered as an optional feature on models exceeding the HX35A Z. A blade float function is now included in the hydraulics for more precise operation.

Operator Comfort and Convenience

The A-Series features spacious and comfortable operator cabs equipped with air conditioning on models starting from the HX35A Z. Bluetooth connectivity and a 5-inch digital LCD display enhance the operator experience. The display allows for programming auxiliary hydraulic flow settings for various attachments. Anti-theft protection is ensured with a monitor-based code system. Automatic safety locks prevent unintended operation of the hydraulic levers, and the engine can only be started when the safety lever is engaged. A seatbelt alarm provides an additional layer of safety by alerting the operator if the machine is started without the seatbelt fastened.

Simplified Maintenance

The cabs on HX35A Z and above models can be tilted, granting technicians easier access for service and maintenance procedures. A FOG guard, two-way auxiliary circuit, and four-way dozer blade are available as optional features. Customers can also opt for a refueling pump on the HX40A and HX55A CR models. All excavators can be equipped with an LED beacon for improved visibility.

Advanced Diagnostics and Machine Monitoring

The A-Series benefits from Hyundai's HiMate telematics system, facilitating straightforward diagnostics and machine location tracking. Models exceeding the HX40A offer full telematic functionality, while smaller models with mechanically-controlled engines provide a reduced range of data. For improved serviceability, the engine cover on larger models is constructed from metal for enhanced durability and allows for easier repairs. Additionally, the cover opens fully for improved access. The main hydraulic valve on the HX35A Z and larger models has been relocated to the right-hand side of the machine for simplified maintenance, while all engine filters remain accessible from ground level for increased convenience. Finally, a conveniently located refueling port on the left side of the machine further streamlines the refueling process.

By combining innovative design, advanced hydraulics, and a focus on operator comfort and serviceability, the HD Hyundai A-Series mini excavators offer a compelling solution for construction professionals seeking high-performance and reliable equipment.