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Rokbak And the RA40 Bring More Smiles to Finland at Maxpo

October 2023

Construction Machines & Vehicles - Articulated Haulers

Rokbak And the RA40 Bring More Smiles to Finland at Maxpo

October 2023

Rokbak, a prominent player in land construction and environmental maintenance machinery, is showcasing its latest model, the RA40, at Maxpo, Finland's largest exhibition for such equipment. The debut of RA40 allows visitors to closely inspect the machinery, facilitated by Kivisampo Oy, Rokbak's reliable dealer in the Nordic region.

As a global exhibition, Maxpo presents ‘the biggest and greatest machines’ to almost 10,000 visitors at Hyvinkää Airfield, approximately 40 miles (60 km) north of the Finnish capital Helsinki. The biennial event is taking place between August 31st and September 2nd.

Part Of the Volvo Group

Kivisampo Oy has been attending Maxpo for two decades. This is the first time a Rokbak hauler has been exhibited at the event since the rebrand in September 2021. The rebrand followed huge investment and improvements after the Volvo Group acquisition in 2014.

“For us, Maxpo is a big deal,” explains Kivisampo Oy Sales Director Sakari Rantanen. “It’s the time of the year when the customers come to you, instead of the other way around. We’re delighted to present the truck to the masses. Rokbak is still a relatively new brand but, especially in the Nordic countries, Volvo is a name on everyone’s lips and the truck’s Scania engine is very well liked.”

Growth In the Nordics

In the first half of 2023 the Nordics accounted for 16% of the European market for ADTs. This is a 52% increase in share compared with 2022. In the Finnish market, the over 35t class is the largest sector.

 The RA40, a robust 38-tonne articulated dump truck, showcased in Finland, is set to debut at the Maxpo show. With a straightforward sand-colored design, this heavy-duty truck excels in large-scale quarry, mine, and construction tasks. Renowned for its reliability and performance, the RA40 ensures cost-effective productivity in challenging conditions, making it ideal for quarries, infrastructure projects, and commercial construction.

The RA40’s transmission and high-performance engine maximise fuel efficiency and deliver power when needed. The modulating transmission retarder is coupled with an efficient exhaust brake and fully enclosed oil-cooled multidisc brakes for total control – even on steep declines. For the European market, it features the latest EU Stage V emissions-compliant engine, boasting up to a 7% improvement in fuel efficiency compared to older EU Stage IV engines.

“Finnish customers are very interested in the Rokbak hauler, so during and following Maxpo we want to engage with anyone who wants to find out more so we can increase the profile of these machines in Finland,” says Sakari.

RA40 Good Fit for Finnish Market

Kivisampo Oy is an international industrial enterprise headquartered in the capital of the region of Päijänne Tavastia, Lahti, a city and economic hub 80 miles (130 km) north of Helsinki, with offices also in Kitee and Tampere. It manufactures and supplies individual equipment solutions for aggregates, metallurgical and recycling and prides itself on representing the most reliable equipment manufacturers in the industry.

At Maxpo, Kivisampo Oy has a 400m2 stand – double the size of the space used in 2021. Visitors can inspect the RA40 and speak to both Rokbak and Kivisampo Oy product experts to discuss the technical capabilities and key aspects of the Rokbak articulated haulers.

“From our side, it’s great to work with Kivisampo Oy, a trusted company that knows the market and is well-established with the products that they sell,” concludes Rokbak EMEA Regional Sales Manager Kenny Price. “As a long-established business in Finland, with a big list of customer contacts, they’ve got the strong service support that’s required, particularly with the remote areas and challenging terrain of Finland. The RA40 is a good fit for Kivisampo Oy’s customers and the Finnish market.”

Editted by Yehya Aoun