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Iskandar: The Renovation Segment Holds Enormous Potential in Lebanon

August 2018

Interviews & Profiles - Interviews

Iskandar: The Renovation Segment Holds Enormous Potential in Lebanon

August 2018

constructionHQ met Ali Iskandar, Specifier and Interior Designer at Colortek in Project Lebanon 2018 to ask him about the company’s latest innovations and products. Colortek is a brand by Kassaa Group, a holding company operating in the paints and decorative surfaces industry and dedicated to the manufacturing, retail, contracting and brand representation of wall and floor decorative finishes, architectural paints, wall coverings, protective coatings and construction chemicals.


constructionHQ: What can you tell us about Colortek and why do your customers select you over your competitors?

Ali Iskandar: Colortek provides a comprehensive range of wall and floor decorative finishes and technical solutions including architectural paints, decorative paints, wallpaper, flooring finishes, and industrial coatings. We offering premium and technologically advanced products, manufactured and certified following international safety and performance standards, coupled with an extensive know-how in the sales and application of architectural and decorative finishes place Colortek at the forefront of the wall and floor coatings industry.


constructionHQ: How do you describe your international presence?

Iskandar: Colortek paints finishes are manufactured, distributed and applied through an international network of select authorized distributors, paint franchises and contracting companies in Lebanon, Europe, North Africa and the Middle-East.


constructionHQ: How do you perceive the Lebanese market in 2018?

Iskandar: The Lebanese market is witnessing a stable demand in all listed segments. Lebanon is known as the interior design hub in the Middle East, therefore decorative paints are our main focus. However, the renovation segment holds enormous potential. We have the technical know-how to deal with all processes of improving damaged structures from restoration, humidity and moisture, and waterproofing solutions.


ConstructionHQ: How do you differentiate your company from other competitors?

Iskandar: We cooperate with a sister company to answer our customers’ requests. We rely on our high-end paint technology and our top quality raw materials. We work with DOW Chemical Company to obtain the best raw material innovations and gain the best performance of paints and coatings. We also cooperate with top design companies to keep with the latest trends in the industry.

ConstructionHQ: How do you find the paints and coatings market in the MENA region right now?

Iskandar: The market is slow at the moment, but it doesn’t have a major impact on us. We actually benefit from our diversified portfolio and we relying on our long-term strategies.


ConstructionHQ: How will Project Lebanon help you to grow your business?

Iskandar: Project Lebanon will help in building new corporations and partnerships with companies and associations as well as individuals. In Addition, we strive to focus on the smart paint technology which has far-reaching implications in the industry structures.



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