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Banizaman Lari: Growth within the Industry of Using New Technologies Is Captivating For All Those Involved

March 2018

Interviews & Profiles - Interviews

Banizaman Lari: Growth within the Industry of Using New Technologies Is Captivating For All Those Involved

March 2018

constructionHQ conducted an interview with Eng. Rahim Banizaman Lari the managing director and founder of Abdul Rahim Architectural Consultants (Araco). The company is one of the well-known Engineering Consultants in design, supervision and project management in the UAE, it has industry experience spanning over thirty years. A diversified portfolio covers a number of successful developments, including residential buildings and villas, commercial buildings, hospitals, and industrial projects.

constructionHQ: How do you describe the construction market in the MENA region?

Rahim Banizaman Lari: The construction market given the economic context remains stable and growing across the MENA region, although project delivery is in some cases delayed. This bodes well for the industry, as ongoing projects are not being cancelled or on hold for indefinite periods of time. Further, with big global events occurring in the MENA region, especially in the GCC, the push to finish large-scale infrastructure and other development projects on-time is on. There also growing trends of new technology integration into the construction landscape across the MENA region. For instance, 3D printing, artificial intelligent technologies for smart and green buildings, are increasingly been included in the design phase of projects. This growth within the industry of using new technologies and materials is captivating for all those involved as we have to learn and adopt new technologies and methodologies, so it keeps us innovative and current in today’s changing world.

constructionHQ: What kind of developmental process did the company have to go through before establishing a name for itself?

Banizaman Lari: This can be summarized in a few points:

  • Human resources development
  • Organizational development to ensure quality control while avoiding establishing layers of management.
  • Improving communication channels with stakeholders
  • Establishing strong relationship with suppliers and consequently creating a bargaining power in front of suppliers for the benefit of the client’s project’s profitability

 constructionHQ: What differentiates you from other construction companies and what makes you so good at what you do?

Banizaman Lari: We are different in that we provide consulting services from the design stage through to supervision and project management across residential, commercial, and industrial projects in the UAE. Some of the main reasons we have been so successful over the past 30 years in this business is because we value our clients input, time, and strive to have strong relationships with them. We also employ the best creative minds from diverse backgrounds which give us great insights when we work as a team. We also employ and apply strict quality control policy, utilize value engineering practices in different design stage sand deliver the maximum building efficiency rate taking into consideration all the engineering design limitations, for the benefit of the client.

 constructionHQ: Do you follow a certain strategy to accomplish the company’s goals?

Banizaman Lari: Yes, we achieve team work enhancement through motivation and incentives, hire high caliber talented employees, and follow a solid market segmentation strategy to target the right market segment avoiding market fluctuation affect.

 constructionHQ: What would you say inspires your structural and architectural designs?

Banizaman Lari: Inspiration comes from various sources and begins with our clients’ requirements. We hold meetings to understand the vision of our clients for the project and then utilize current and upcoming trends across the construction industry in developing a holistic design that fits our clients’ needs and budget. We cannot say that we have a fixed inspiration for our work, but we take into consideration the UAE environment, the functionality, and practicality necessary when we design all our projects. So, there is a foundation of efficiency, robustness, and adaptability requiring minimum maintenance on which all our designs are built.

 constructionHQ: How do you plan on maintaining customer loyalty?

Banizaman Lari: For the past thirty years we have maintained customer loyalty by strictly complying to UAE and international construction standards, by being an ethical business Practitioner with transparency at our core, and by establishing strong relationships with our clients through communication and understanding. And, also by giving the maximum possible efficiency rate which is reflected in the ROI and consequently maximizing the client’s project profitability.


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